Is Carbonated Water Shortening Your Life?

Posted by Dr. Christopher Thoma on Dec 2nd 2018

Learn more about the effect of carbonated waters on your body, in this video by Dr. Thoma.Despite the negative effects of carbonated water, it's still better than no water to avoid dehydration.   … read more

Summer, Vitamin D, and Thyroid

Posted by Dr. Christopher Thoma on Nov 26th 2018

Summer, Vitamin D, and ThyroidNow that summer has officially faded out and winter is coming quickly, it's helpful to remember how helpful the summer and Vitamin D can help with your thyroid health. &n … read more

Understanding Acid Reflux

Posted by Dr. Chris Thoma on Nov 13th 2018

One of the reasons people have gerd, acid reflux, and other types of indigestion is due to insufficient stomach acid.  When the digestive system does not have enough stomach acid, then food wi … read more

Product of the Month - Immuno Fuel

Posted by Dr. Chris Thoma on Nov 5th 2018

Are you dreading the illnesses that come with changing weather? Immuno Fuel can help build immunity for the season, to fight sickness, or can be used to stop sickness in its tracks when symptoms first … read more