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Recovery & Relief Balm


                - Reduce your pain sensation
                - Increase circulation to the affected area
                - Reduce inflammation
                - Speed up your healing process
                - Reduce your emotional effects of pain



We believe a focus on wellness, instead of sickness,

leads to a long and happy life. 

In order to keep living the way you want to live,


You need to maintain or improve your overall health, not just resolve individual symptoms. When you focus on resolving the root cause of your symptoms, instead of the symptoms themselves, your overall health improves.


Our ongoing commitment is to provide you with the information, resources, and products you need to feel confident about making the natural choices for your health and wellness decisions. While medical intervention may be necessary, we work with you to explore natural alternatives that will be appropriate for you situation.


Schedule an appointment with Dr. Thoma to explore your alternatives.



A healthy mind is a healthy body.


Your mindset plays a significant role in your health and wellness.


Living in a constant state of stress can lead to long term impacts on your overall health. Your body wasn’t made to live like that. But in today’s world, it’s hard to get away from day to day stressors.


Our unique program for building a resilience to stress will provide you with a critical tool to retrain your brain’s response to stress. Your stress response may be holding you back from the life you want to live.


Learn more about how the Stress Resilience Program can help.



You deserve to focus on your future. You deserve to give yourself the life you desire.


There is nothing more healthy than creating a life you love, doing what you were meant to do, and becoming the

best version of yourself. And while that may sound like an easy task, in practice it can be scary and overwhelming.



Our Coaching Program


helps you uncover what is (and is not) working in your current situation and create power plays and actions plans to create a life you may have only dreamed of.


Schedule an appointment with Jennifer to discover coaching.


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