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Effective solutions, curated especially for you.
After years of practicing in the field of functional health, nutrition, and chiropractic, Dr. Thoma recognized that his patients were overwhelmed with their health and wellness choices.  They needed advice and recommendations they could trust, and a resource that could understand their unique situation, and answer their ongoing questions.

Together with his wife Jennifer, they founded PuraWell.  Using Dr. Thoma's experience, education, and knowledge, they curated the highest quality portfolio of nutritional supplements he would want to recommend for his patients.

This was the origin of PuraWell.

The PuraWell line of supplements represent solutions to the most common health concerns Dr. Thoma saw in his clinical practice, with the most superior quality ingredients, and the highest level of efficacy on the market.

Based out of Chesterfield Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, together with their other enterprises NeuroRedeem and Total Health Correction Wellness & Chiropractic, Dr. Thoma and Jennifer continue their ongoing commitment to helping individuals achieve the utmost in health and wellness.

They look forward to moving you to wellness for years to come.
Dr. Christopher and Jennifer Thoma
Co-Founders, PuraWell