Managing Spring Allergies & COVID-19

Managing Spring Allergies & COVID-19

Posted by Dr. Christopher Thoma on Feb 18th 2021

Hello, Dr. Thoma here. I want to talk about spring allergies.

Going into spring 2021, dealing with spring allergies may be more critical than ever before.

No one is going to want to have a runny nose, when they're wearing the mask, the runny eyes, the chest congestion, that kind of thing.

We're suggesting that you use Aller Quench, beginning the first week of February, so that we can reduce those allergy symptoms coming through March, April, May, and that will help us greatly in our outcomes dealing with COVID.  

I've also seen many posts out there about quercetin helping with COVID and COVID outcomes.

In Aller Quench, we have a good healthy dose of quercetin, along with stinging nettles, tenofend, and those things will help you overcome the congestion, the nasal sinus issues, and all that, that also are dealt with in COVID.

If you want to help yourself out, get Aller Quench and begin to take it the first week of February.